2014 and before

  1. Support San Jose Downtown Doors project with 5 artworks by Tainan City middle school artists submitted.  SJTSCA Pres. Dr. Tim Lim and Director Dr. Chris Su attended the Awards Celebration.
  2. Support SCI-2014 Annual Conference Jul. 31 – Aug. 2, 2014 in San Jose.
  3. Co-sponsor Pacific Rim & Asian Connection training sessions of SCI-2014.
  4. Participate/Co-sponsor Happy Kids Day, Aug. 23, 2014 in Cupertino, CA.
  5. Hosted visits of Vice Mayor Mr. Her-Jiun Sheu, and Mayor Dr. Ching-Te Lai of Tainan City in 2014.
  6. Hosted a very memorable 30th anniversary celebration of the San Jose-Tainan sister city relationship in 2007 when Tainan City Mayor visited City of San Jose. The celebration was held at the San Jose City Hall Rotunda. It was a grand and memorable event. Many Taiwanese Americans in the Bay Area got together at San Jose City Hall to celebrate the long term friendship between the two cities. See the photo gallery provided by City of San Jose.
  7. Hosted visits of Tainan Mayor Dr. Tien Tsai Hsu to San Jose in 2003, 2005, and 2007.  (Ms. Marice Hsueh)
  8. Organized two visits (in November 2006 and March 2007) to Tainan City Government, in preparation for the 30th anniversary celebration of sister-city relationship between Tainan and San Jose City in 2007.  (Ms. Marice Hsueh)
  9. Hosted former Tainan City Mayor Dr. George Chang’s official visit with Mayor Susan Hammer with 4 major events in 1998:
    • City Hall visit and exchange of gifts,
    • A formal Sister-City banquet hosted by Mayor Chang at Fairmont Hotel with entertainment by Tainan City Civic Center Performing Troupe,
    • Cultural performance at South Bay Taiwanese Culture Center (Sunnyvale),
    • Tainan City Business Alliance Conference.  (Coordinator: Dr. Alan Chen)
  10. The Association is an active participant and has recruited significant participation of Taiwanese American youngsters in the annual Veterans’ Day Parade in San Jose.
  11. The Association actively participated in the 2005 summer Taiwanese C. American Athletes Tournament (TCAAT) held at the San Jose City College.
  12. The Association is an active participant in the annual SJC Multi-culture Mixer events.
  13. The Association supported the annual San Francisco Bay Area Taiwanese American Chamber of Commerce (SFBATACC) fund-raising events.
  14. The Association members are active and enthusiastic participants in the planning and implementation of the annual Taiwanese American Cultural Festivals sponsored by TAFNC. The annual Festivals have been held in the Bay Area since 1993.